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Established by the Metis Settlement Act 1989 each Settlement is governed by a 5 person council who are elected by the membership of the community for a term of 3 years. Upon being elected into the council the positions of Chair Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and a board member are elected among themself.

The position of council members is a very challenging one with the many goals and obligation to secure local autonomy and economic self-sufficiency for the future generation of the community.Present and future council will continue to strive for these goals by working with the membership through community meetings by developing policy, by-laws and partnerships with different agency, business and service providers.

There are many organizations that the council governand listed below are just some of the examples;

William Jacknife Memorial Foundation                     Keepa

Kanata Cultural Society                                         Humptys

EMS Construction                                                  Infinity







Current council members

Allan Wells                       (Chairmen)

Christopher Desjarlias       (Vice-Chair)

Archie Collins                   (Treasurer)

Irene Zimmer                   (Secretary)

Sylvia Desjarlias               (Councillor)


Phone: (780) 594-5028
Fax: (780) 594-5452


Contact Information

Box 420
Cold Lake, Alberta
T9M 1P1

Phone: (780) 594-5028
Phone: (780) 594-5026
(780) 594-5452


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