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The Cree people that live across Canada and are the largest native group, with more then 200,000 registered members and dozen’s of self governed nations. The word “Cree” comes from the French name for the tribe, “Kristenaux” and Algonquin means “first people”. The Cree history is very hard to indicate because there are so many different kinds of natives across Canada. Many natives that live in the east are French-natives and natives that are in the west have so many different ways to speak their tongue.

The Sash is very important in our history; it has a finger woven belt made of wool approximately three meters long. Traditionally it was tied at the waist to hold a coat closed, including being used as a scarf or rope. Many of the Métis Settlements use the sash to wear while dancing, jigging or just to show off our beautiful culture history.

Métis individuals who were married prior to 15 July 1870 and living within the "Postage Stamp" province of Manitoba during 1871 census were given distributed according to parish; both husband and wife were to receive 160 acres of land. These lands are past down into the families to their children and grandchildren.

However, to this day through pride and perseverance and determination, we as a proud diverse people are still here today.


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