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The Economic Development Officer (EDO) is working towards the goals of improving the economy of the Settlement and region around them. The EDO's intention is to help the locals with businesses or to work towards owning their own company and making it a reality in their areas. The Officer also seeks to improve the employment rate so that we can be more self affectionate for ourselves and to vision their community being enhanced. 

Building and creating businesses will generate more jobs and will help with skills of the employees. EDO may also work with the education department in arranging programs and training sessions to educate the worker.

They will bring forth and give presentations of action plans to the council/administrator, in order to get approval for future development. Working side by side with other organizations and exchanging ideas will improve both communities more rapid. They also find funding to assist in building or get existing buildings up to par in order for operation.

The economic development officer should hold excellent verbal, written, communication skills and be eager to assist members and local businesses in problem situations. Having marketing skills is essential key to publicize the business and what they have to offer. The EDO helps in managing budgets, resolving economic problems in the community, and to see how different projects would benefit the area.

Capital Works

Having a healthy and stable community to live in is the biggest goal in any society. We need to develop and support one another in building and repairing our economies as a whole. With the use of our equipment, we are able to do so and complete the tasks for the settlements needs. We are in the process of working on the roads by grading and oil treating them to ensure the quality and the safeness for the members to drive on, is a major priority. Along with sanding and ploughing in the cold season will prevent anyone from getting hurt or injured.


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Cold Lake, Alberta
T9M 1P1

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