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Settlements need to develop a well-educated and trained community that can compete with Alberta’s labour environment; so that our member’s incomes for their families will increase and our standard of living broaden. Our Settlement does have funding and bursaries programs for members either to take a secondary schooling, go to the College/University of their wish or take a trade to enhance their skills. We are encouraging our members to get involved in education and trades to benefit themselves and the economy of the community. These funding and programs are set in place, if the members need tickets or even work supplies to begin their employment. We are situating a plan to design and implement a combination of life skills and employment strategies that will help lead stronger, resilient Metis Settlement members.

Head of Education
Lori Desjarlais - (780)594-5028
Elizabeth Jacknife - (780) 594-5028

Contact Information

Box 420
Cold Lake, Alberta
T9M 1P1

Phone: (780) 594-5028
Phone: (780) 594-5026
(780) 594-5452


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